D4B solutions for sales

For sales teams who want to achieve more than their target.
Our experienced team provides clients with comprehensive and holistic data and lead generation solutions.

Lead generation

Lead Lists  |  Prospect databases |  Sales automation

No more cold calling.
Doesn't that sound good. Using the latest sales automation techniques, tools and methodologies, you can remove dreaded cold calling from your to-do list.

Improve lead generation efficiency, accelerate growth and create predictable revenue.

D4B can help you with the all important quality data needed to run your automated lead generation processes.

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B2B Databases & email LISTS

Email Lists  |  Database Building

We’ll leave your sales teams to do what they do best whilst we provide them with fresh, targeted and relevant contacts to sell from. Our data enables our clients to accelerate growth, increase revenue and improve sales efficiency.

Don't waste your sales teams time and money with menial tasks or by buying legacy databases of dubious quality. Get a custom built and targeted database email list from D4B.

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Account based Sales

The data you need at the accounts you want

If you run or are planning to run an account based sales strategy, D4Bs data is what you need. Simple provide us with the list of companies you are targeting, and what roles within those companies, and we will research them for you.

D4B helps you to find the right data on the decision makers you want in the accounts you want to win.

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Data Verification

Validate your existing database

Before you start a sales initiative, let D4B work with you to validate your current database. This empowers your sales teams to focus on valid contacts or to re-activate old contacts, improving your teams efficiency and productivity.

Not only does this reduce costs for our clients in the long-term but it ensures a greater percentage of sales opportunities.

Empower your sales teams to focus on what they do best!

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Who uses us?

We are a great fit for most B2B companies looking to grow.

Grow your business with fresh contacts and take your business to a new level.

Sales & marketing

Top-up your sales pipeline and marketing databases with fresh contacts every month and beat your targets.

SaaS businesses

Setup demos using marketing and sales automation tools in conjunction with D4Bs quality contacts.


Market testing your MVP (minimum viable product) and rapid growth is your priority. Use our data to accelerate your success.

 Sales reps

When your network opportunities are exhausted, turn to our quality data to build your network further.

Established businesses

Optimise your market penetration, expand internationally, or move into new markets. Our data is what you need.


Ensure your clients campaigns success with quality data you can rely on.

Global & Africa expansion

Looking to expand globally? We can help with data from London, to Nigeria to Sydney to Los Angeles and anything in-between.

We cant help everyone

We won't be able to help with the following target markets
B2C/ Consumer contacts 
E.g.: contacts with personal cellphone numbers, age, LSM, salary or race.
SMME contacts
such as shops, plumbers, electricians, restaurants.
Small towns
Network Marketing

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